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Tips for Newbies on Airtasker

How to earn money on Airtasker
Earning money on Airtasker

Don't think that once you get on Airtasker, you will make a packet as a tasker. Don't get me wrong, you can earn money on the site, but it doesn't happen immediately.

You have to be prepared to be persistent with placing offers and accept the fact you are not going to be necessarily paid your worth until you have a few reviews up your sleeve.

You have to suck it up and work for practically nothing to start.

I think my first task took me around 30 hours to complete, and I earnt $15. Airtasker receives 20% commission out of your pay, plus take 10% off the poster, great little business they have going.

Although you are working for effectively nothing, doing the task to the best of your ability, will get you exceptional reviews. Reviews are what get you your next job, the marketing aspect of your profile.

I would also recommend that you make offers on different tasks to allow your reviews to indicate what you actually can do. Just saying you can is not enough, you will see many taskers getting on the platform and making extraordinary claims of their expertise. I have no doubt many posters become wary after being ripped off. Someone claiming they have a wealth of experience and not delivering the expected degree of work considering their claims.

I can remember when I first realised that I was up against businesses, experts in the field, people that have someone else do the work while they go on to place more offers on other tasks. I thought I had no chance at all in picking up some work, and then it occurred, the tasks started coming in. I was working through the night to get the jobs done, and there was a steady flow.

I must admit that I started getting a little cocky and thought that I would no longer place offerings on budgets lower than $100. It went ok for a little while, but I realised that I need to take whatever I can and started to offer for everything again.

You need to be well organised to tackle Airtasker because there are times when you have offered to do tasks and were available to do them at the time, all of a sudden a poster assigns you the job. It has happened to me where I had three tasks come through all at the same time. Luckily I am a well-organised person and was able to complete all of the tasks and on time.

Another tip I want to share with you is about using Microsoft Edge; I use Edge all of the time but have found that there are issues in seeing notifications. So hit refresh if you are using Edge, and you will be able to see the notification correctly and not miss out on a question by the poster, risking you not receiving the job.

Be sure to come back and read my expected blogs on Airtasker. Until then, good luck with your task hunting.



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