Hi! I'm Kylie and I am a Virtual Assistant

I am creative and look at the world a little differently than most.

Everything I do and see becomes a form of art. I prefer being busy and don't often sleep, it all started because I had to, to pay the bills. It is now a deep-seated habit, and anyone knows me are aware that I put 150% into everything that I do.

I am durable, dependable and extremely talented. I am also critical of my work and continually challenge myself. 

I am experienced in creative writing, website content writing, copywriting, blog writing, writing social media copy, writing newsletter articles and ghostwriting. You can read more about my writing skills here.

I craft rubbish into items you would be happy to showcase in your lounge or dining room. I turn empty soft drink bottles into lamps to give a soft luminosity to your room. I have to say that I love paint pouring - there is something about spilling paint over items and observing how they flow gracefully to form a pattern.

I am additionally a geek, having always embraced computers and technology. I love an excel workbook and coding it up to make it tell a story. Data is one of my main obsessions, I enjoy looking at data and analysing it to make it talk.

Over 20 years ago I got the genealogy bug and had it ever since. I love researching family trees and discovering information that sometimes we really don't want to know - kissing cousins is a thing.

I offer virual assistant services, you can click here to see the assistance I provide and my rates.



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