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Lessons? What Life Lessons?

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I am a survivor

I really don't know where to start, at the beginning, or the end? I am going, to be honest, and tell it how it is so for those that don't like hearing about raw honesty then go to another section because I am a straight shooter.

Firstly I have had 52 years on this earth, shit I turned 53 this year and always seem to forget. I am the mother of 5 sons whom I love dearly.

I am a smoker and never drink enough water.

I was sacked by a piece of legislation explicitly written to circumvent failed show-cause notices.

I am battling depression still (has been just over 2 years) and have struggled to find a full-time job.

I am so broke that I sit on my computer, working ridiculous hours on Airtasker. I do however manage to pay the mortgage and the bills eventually, sometimes I eat - sometimes I don't.

It is not all doom and gloom, I am a survivor and have found new strengths that I didn't even know existed.

I am good at any task I am assigned on Airtasker and have been able to grow my business as a virtual assistant from repeat business.

I am incredibly grateful to Ipswich 60 & Better who employee me for 10 hours a week as a part-time admin assistant. Their support for me over the last year has been literally a lifesaver.

And I still smile :-)

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