Full family tree research (approx 4 weeks), presented into an easy to read ebook.

ebook is unlimited in pages.

Family Tree E Book

  • I am very proficient in my research capabilities and at one stage of my life wanted to be a forensic researcher.
    I research peoples trees, find relatives they didn't even know they had and provide it in a digital booklet for their enjoyment.
    This process can take around a month, but it is worth it with a comprehensive record being on hand to show off at family reunions and to your grandchildren.
    Because it is digital, it can be as many as 50 odd pages of family history or as little as 20. I can ensure I persevere until I find everything possible and incorporate it all within the booklet. I provide qualified information through census records or other verifying documents.
    I use easy to comprehend diagrams to ensure that there is no misinterpretation on how everyone is related to each other.
  • I offer my work on the basis that if you are not pleased I will edit until you are. I am more than happy to refund your money if you are still not content after numerous changes, and I have exhausted all avenues of making amendments.


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